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Natural anti-aging for women


Natural anti-aging for men

Natural anti-aging for Women


40-50 years

Women ages 40 – 50 Reaching the 'golden age', the skin will become dry, whereas lines get deepening and more visible even without showing facial expression. Because skin cells are losing ability to absorb water, the skin becomes less tightened and elastic, while more freckles and blemish appear. The metabolism and energy consumption of women in this age group will decrease, causing instant weight gaining and cellulite along stomach and waist line. Seeing the differences of skin problems, excessive fat, and unhealthy conditions among different age groups, Divana Clinic is determined to solve these problems, revive the bright and glowing complexion, minimize cellulite, and maintain body balance, by creating the miracle of treatment programs suitable for every woman.


Uplift Uplife

The program caters to women ages 40 – 50, as it helps rejuvenate and tone weak and deteriorated facial skin caused by the aging process. The treatment aims for a healthy, supple, and smooth complexion.


Body Lift Uplife

The program is perfect for women ages 40 – 50, because it helps get rid of excessive fat from the aging process and unhealthy diet. The package includes natural and Homeopathy treatments to enhance metabolism and enable every inner cell to work to the fullest. The body lifting treatment will produce smooth and supple skin, sculpting the body into a perfect shape.