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Natural anti-aging for women


Natural anti-aging for men

Natural anti-aging for Women


30-40 years

Women ages 30 – 40 Being in the full adult stage, the skin of women in this age group will be less supple because of the decreasing natural moisture. Dark shadows and lines will become visible during facial expression, especially around the eyes, forehead, or neck. Losing elastin, the cells become deteriorated and lack brightness and radiance. As the aging skin becomes easily weakened by sunlight, freckles are more visible. The need for energy consumption will reduce, along with the decreasing speed of metabolism. As a result, excessive eating and lack of exercise will cause accumulative fat and cellulite in parts of body.


Rejuvenate Reborn

The program is perfect for women ages 30 – 40, as the program aims at caring and reviving facial skin to a radiant, bright, and youthful stage. The treatment boosts the generation of collagen in order to improve the dermis flexibility, create new cells, and intensify moisture. It also tightens facial muscles and minimizes wrinkles, the long-lasting counter-aging treatment.