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Natural anti-aging for women


Natural anti-aging for men

Natural anti-aging for Men


40-50 years

Men age 40 (ages 40 – 50) Fully experienced, men in this group will face the problems of dry skin and visible lines, especially around the eyes and forehead, due to the changes in hormonal level and stress. At the same time, skin cells start to deteriorate and muscles become weakened, causing the facial complexion to get darker and require special care. Moreover, hair loss problems and grey hairs become more apparent.
Because of the decrease of metabolism and energy consumption, men in their 40s can easily gain weight from accumulative fat. Without proper exercise and diet, excessive fat will be transferred to other parts of the body, and may potentially pose health problems.
Seeing a wide range of skin and health problems, from cellulite, hair loss, baldness, and unhealthy conditions which varies from different age groups, Divana Clinic is determined to solve these problems to revive the bright complexion and lean body, heal hair root and hair condition, as well as maintaining body balance with the miracle of treatment programs, designed especially for men.


Rejuvenate Reborn

The program is perfect for men in their 40s, as the program aims at caring and reviving facial skin to a radiant, bright, and youthful stage. The treatment boosts the generation of collagen in order to improve the dermis flexibility, create new cells, and intensify moisture. It also tightens facial muscles and minimizes wrinkles, the long-lasting counter-aging treatment.


Body Lift Uplife

The program is perfect for men ages 30 – 40, because it helps get rid of excessive fat from the aging process and unhealthy diet. The package includes natural and Homeopathy treatments to enhance metabolism and enable every inner cell to work to the fullest. The body lifting treatment will produce smooth and supple skin, sculpting the body to a perfect shape.


Cellular Therapy for Hair Growth Growth

Perfect for men ages 30 – 40, the program, which is part of the Cellular Program, helps minimize problems from hair loss caused by the aging process or genetic inheritance. The treatment includes vitamin and food supplements to boost the performance of hair roots. Proper exercise programs are advised to enhance the perspiration and detoxication processes, enabling the body to replace new cells. As a result, new hair will become shiny and strong.
Let's create bright and youthful complexion, a healthy, strong, cellulite-free body and smooth and shiny hair, with Divana Clinic's ultimate treatment programs, designed especially for men of all ages under the true natural therapy principle.