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Natural anti-aging for women


Natural anti-aging for men

Natural anti-aging for Men


20-30 years

Men age 20 (ages 20 – 30)Men in this age group enjoys being in the invigorating and energetic stage despite the reducing level of hormones. However, those with oily skin type and high level of hormones will still face acne problems, caused by the combination of excessive fat released through pores, epidermis cells, and bacteria. Acne can then become the cause of annoyance or lack of confidence. Without appropriate care, acne can lead to dark spots and scars. Moreover, sunlight and pollution can cause dark complexion and lack of radiance. Luckily, hair loss problem is unlikely to appear at this age, unless it is a genetic problem. Men in this age group own a fully developed body. As a result, the level of metabolism and energy consumption is high, and healthy diet is necessary.


Repair Recover

The program suits men in their 20s, as it aims for the complete solution to skin problems from treating acne, blemish, inflammation, to acne prevention and skin recovery.