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Mesotherapy Skin Retreat-Non Needle


Developed from the Noble-prized Electroporation principle, Electro-Mesotherapy releases a suitable amount and frequency of ionwave to temporarily create micro channels on cell wall for full absorption. Created on the Stratum Corneum, these channels will not cause any harm to the skin.


For best results, one session per week from five to ten consecutive weeks is recommended. For visible results, pairing this treatment with Hydra-dermabrasion or Micro-dermabrasion program is also recommended.


Anti-Melanin The treatment suppresses the generation of melanin from melanocyte, minimizing blemish and freckles, while brightening the complexion.

Anti-Cellulite The treatment helps disintegrate fat, maintain balance, and accelerate fat-burning process especially around the facial area such as under eyes, cheeks, and neck. The program also strengthens muscles, reduces the size of fat cells, and tightening specific skin areas.


Facial Firming The program strengthens muscles and reduces the sizes of fat cells, minimizes stretch marks, and tightens loose areas of skin.


Skin Rejuvenate The treatment minimizes wrinkles and marks from aging process and tightens pores, returning smoothness and natural radiance to the skin.